Advanced E-commerce Features

Tailored to your needs, Mobile compliant, highly configurable and simple to use - our online store will deliver results.

Dynamic Product Types

Create a range of product types that require separate data. For example;  options such as Dimensions & Resolution for your  TV products and options such as, Colour and Size on Clothing products.

Create unlimited Product Types with unlimited options.  Our software let’s you create any number of customisable options including all the standard ones; SKU, price, weight, images and stock.


image naming

Search Friendly Images

Your images will never look better, they’ll load like ligating and they’ll be optimised for Google image search.

When uploading you can specify the image name (red-shoes.jpg) and Alt Tags ( Red Shoes) that ensures Google rank your images.  Overlay watermarks and Promotion images with a click of the button.

Images are automatically uploaded to Amazon CDN (Content Delivery Network to ensure your images are not only secure and backed up but also load with lightning speed.

Videos & YouTube

Want to show videos of your product, or videos on how to use your product?  Adding video content to your site helps users understand your product and keeps them engaged with your site.

Upload direct to your store or embed from YouTube or Daily Motion.