Online Marketing Tools

With the most advanced marketing modules our software ensures you have the tools you need to out perform your competition.


A full suite of SEO Tools

Pixus has a full set of SEO tools and is all you need to rank highly on search engines.  Optimisation is easy with our range of built in tools that include:

  • Google Preview listing tool
  • Custom Meta Tags
  • Custom URL’s
  • SEO friendly Image Names & Alt Tag
  • 301 redirects
  • Automatic XML sitemaps



Microdata & rich snippets

Product reviews and star ratings can really help your products stand out from your competitors.  Our micro formatting and reviews ensure your ratings don’t go un-seen.  You can also control the date and content that’s sent out automatically to your customers then encourages them to post a review.

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Daily Deals

Our daily deal software let’s you set up a series of products with a discount and it will automatically serve these offers on your site day by day.  It’s fully customisable so you can set the discount % or £ and then set the number of products and automatically overlay a SOLD banner when the deals have been sold that day.


Auto generated Sitemaps

Our system automatically updates your sitemap and xml sitemap each time you add a product.  List your sitemap with Google, Yahoo, & Bing and you are complete.  Our system will then update the sitemap without any more work.

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RSS Feeds

Visitors can subscribe to RSS feeds for any part of your site.  New Products, Best Sellers, Sales, Category A or even a bespoke Search term i.e.  Grey Dresses.  Our system will ensure the RSS feed that’s created keeps your products in full view of your potential customers.

Abandon cart Server:

It’s a fact that up to 70% of shopping carts are abandoned.  Our abandon cart server saves the cart and and then sends customised emails to the shopper.  You can even set up a series of emails to be sent day 1, day 3, etc and include a discount code to help restore that lost sale.   Abandon cart server can help secure up to 25% of these lost sales.

Promotions & discounts

Our promotion tool allows you to create any array of discount, promotion or discount code.  All discounts are tracked in our software so you can see exactly how much revenue has been generated through any discount code.   Whether it’s 20% off,  free shipping on orders over £100, or buy 2 and get 1 for half price, our software will let you create a full set of rules to help promote products.

Google Shopping

Our in-built Google shopping module allows you to list your products on Google shopping with a few clicks.  Automated category functions mean you don’t’ have to categorise every single product – just tag the category and it will update all products with the same shopping data.  Updated with the latest functions since Google introduce the pay per click methodology you can now set tags for groups of products allowing you to control  the bids on different products within your feed.