10X Content – What Is It And How Do I Get It?

January 25, 2016

Content marketing is defined by the content marketing institute as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”. When it comes to building websites for our happy clients we offer our content marketing services to bring it to life and create engagement between the our clients’ sites and their customers. However, we don’t just create just any old content. We craft what is being known as 10x content.

What is 10x content?

Coined by Grant Cardone and popularised by Rand Fishkin of American SEO software company Moz, 10x content is ‘ten times better content than the competitor’s content’. Content as a term in the digital space does not just cover the words on the page. Content is defined in the dictionary as “something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or any of various arts”. Content, for us, is the way we relay our message through websites using every tool and skill we have – from great web design, images, words, user friendly layout and the overall experience.


Here are the components of what makes our content 10x:

Great Web Design

All of our websites begin with great web design and our designers are tasked with one thing: making the website a fantastic experience for visitors. But how is this done? How exactly can you make it a positive experience? That’s easy – our website designs make the key information easy to find, the site is
easy to navigate, it loads quickly and it is great to look at. Essentially, we want our visitors to leave the website with everything that they came to find… and more.

Lightning quick website

These days no one likes to wait around for anything. People want things yesterday and are quick to lose interest. Websites that take an age to load can put visitors off making them leave the website instantly (or ‘bounce’ as it is known in the industry). If you’re waiting in line at Starbucks and want to browse the web on your smartphone while you queue, will you wait around for a slow website when you’ve only got 5 minutes? The answer is most likely a no. With this in mind we make sure our website are lightning fast.

Making a website lightning quick is essentially the same principle as getting a car ready for a race. Here’s how:

  • Take everything out – We make sure that the website only has what’s necessary for the visitor – no bits of code that don’t provide anything and no images that just don’t have a place there.
  • Warming up the engine – We make sure that the page loads above the fold before the rest of the site. This means you can start enjoying the content straight away while the rest of the website loads in the background. We essentially give the engine a good ol’ rev before putting the foot down.
  • Taking off the road tyres and putting on the race ready tyres – Images and graphics can take a lot of space but provide a large amount of great content – we optimise images and graphics that reduces the size but keeps the quality. In vehicular terms this is
  • Rocket fuel – We use the fastest servers available to make sure that the whole package gets from our servers to your browser as fast as possible.


Beautifully crafted words

When it comes to content marketing, specifically the words we weave into our websites we put ourselves in the potential visitors shoes and ask ourselves questions like:

  • What are our services? What makes us better than the competition?
  • How can we give the visitor what they want? How can we exceed expectation?
  • What information do we think the visitor will need?
  • What is the competitor offering? How can we make it 10x better?

With these questions in mind we begin to create the content that isn’t the bare minimum but above and beyond what everyone else offers.

We have a dedicated team of talented content writers who thoroughly research the topic before writing content that informs, engages and inspires the reader. Arguably, the written word is the spine to any piece of 10x content.

User Experience (UX)

Although all the previous points contribute to the user experience, this section is about our talented team of web designers working alongside the search engine optimisation team to make sure the website is easy to navigate and all the information they need is easy to find. Creating a great user experience takes time and research. We analyse the statistics of every page through the website to see if there are particular pages on the site that visitors may not stay on for very long or even leave quickly. By constantly monitoring the websites performance we can learn more and more about what visitors want and don’t want and make improvements all the time.

Available anywhere, any time and on any device

I use a smartphone, tablet and Mac every day. If a website wants to make its way to my coveted bookmarks section, it needs to work on all of my devices. This is true for many people these days. According to econsultancy over 40% of adults are multi device users. We believe 10x content needs to be accessible anywhere, any time and on any device. Our website designs are always responsive. Responsive designs mean that it will respond to whatever dimension the device’s screen is. This means that it is the same website that adapts to the device. Pretty clever.


Why do I need 10x content?

The internet is filled with over a billion websites and Google is the most popular search engine in the world. Their job is to filter out the websites and provide the best one that matches the searchers query. How does it do that? Google does it using a highly complex algorithm and one of the most dominant factors inside the algorithm is the quality of the content. If you conduct a search now for a product you’ll see 10 blue links, the top one is the page that Google things is the best website for your search. Chances are that the top website has superior content to all of the others and has been rewarded with better rankings.

Better rankings = more visitors = more profit. Need we say more?

10x content not only generates more traffic but it gives a boost to the conversion rates. This is a ‘double whammy’ effect as your traffic and conversion going up at the time time can dramatically increase your profits, brand awareness and online visibility.

How can I get 10x content?

Crafting 10x content takes time, experience and expertise. Luckily we have all three. If this article has made you realise that your content doesn’t quite cut the mustard and your competitors are sitting pretty on those high rankings then it is time you got in touch with us.

You can give us a call on 0151 426 9977 and arrange a consultation about your content and what we can do for you, alternatively you can email hello@pixus.co.uk.


This article was written by . Dan is the Co-founder & Director at Pixus.

Dan has over 10 years experience working with web designers and developers, creating a wide range of projects both large and small.


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  1. Dan Richardson says:

    Thanks Ronnie, is there any tool we can use to verify whether our content has reached the ten times as good level?

    • Ronnie Jones says:

      Yep, just give us a call on 0151 426 9977 and we can use our bespoke sophisticated content analyzer and send you the report the same day.

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