9 tips to revamp your social media channels

December 16, 2016

If your business social media channels are not getting as much engagement as you’d imagined, they may require a little bit of TLC. We’ve pulled together a couple of tips on how you can spice up your channels that will help you reconnect with your audience…

1. Ensure they are properly managed

Running business profiles requires a lot of attention. For them to be successful, they will require daily content that your audience will find beneficial and interesting. There should be a team member who is happy and confident to schedule posts, provide the latest information on products or services, and respond to any queries that come through. 

2. Post unique content on each channel

Having the exact same post across all platforms will quickly become repetitive and a little boring.  Ensure that there’s fresh content uploaded on all channels that is shared throughout the day. Monitor your posts and see which are the most receptive to your audience, this will help you plan for future posts – and also to see what time gets the most interaction! 

3. Engage with your audience

Be pro-active and engage in conversation with your followers. If you are tagged in a post, or your post has been commented on always make sure you reply even when it’s negative. It’ll show that you care about your customers and appreciate them interacting with you.

4. Go behind the scenes

Bring your brand to life by allowing your audience an insight into what’s happening ‘behind the scenes’. Use this as an opportunity to showcase new products, introduce the team or share the latest company news. NASA have recently picked up on this and have been using Instagram stories to take us on a personal guide of the astronaut training process in their headquarters!

5. Run giveaways

A fun way to reach out to your audience is through hosting a giveaway. You’ll be encouraging them to interact with you, whether that’s through following your account, re-tweeting, liking or commenting on a post. 

6. Use the right hashtags

One of the biggest downfalls when it comes to social media is not using the right hashtags! Research your industry and see what keywords you can use within your posts to attract a new audience who would be interested in your brand. You could even create your own hashtag and ask customers to use it when they are tweeting about you!

7.  Keep profiles updated

Ensure that your social media profiles are updated on a regular basis. You might want to run a seasonal banner post, or change links to different websites pages to keep your followers on their toes.

8. Share industry news

It’s important that brands to become influencers within the industry and can do this by sharing the latest news that’s relevant to your services or products. If you are sharing an article, always make sure to read it first to make sure you agree with it fully.

9. Keep up with social media trends

Social media is always changing and it’s important that your brand is ready to embrace any new advances.  This could be anything from using Instagram stories or Snapchat to share the latest company news!

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