Why You Should Avoid DIY SEO

June 22, 2016

SEO in a nutshell

Guaranteed SEOSEO or search engine optimisation is fast becoming a household term in business. It’s the act of making
your website a great resource for search engines such as Google and Bing. It is a technical area of digital marketing and one which needs to be undertaken by a professional. If at this point you’re thinking “Surely I can find everything I need to learn online and do it myself” then you could be putting your site and business at risk. If you want to know why, read on…

The Dangers of DIY SEO

Chasing guaranteed SEO from online forums and guides is a slippery slope. Plenty of people will tell you that link building, writing great content, pretty media on every page will get you to rank. If an inexperienced business owner read that you can expect them to start building links left right and centre, write bloated and pointless content and overload their servers with pictures and videos that they simply don’t need.

The end result is a bad link profile, poor content and a slow site. This will lead to bad rankings or worse; a penalty. So how can you avoid this potential pitfall while still climbing the search engine results pages on a budget? Hire an experienced digital marketing team with klout.

Google and other search engines have sophisticated system to sniff out manipulative SEO. Some refer to this act as ‘Black Hat SEO‘. Additionally, black hat SEO is usually deliberate and DIY SEO can be ‘accidental’ but in the eyes of Google there can be little difference.

Because of Google’s history of abuse by Black Hat SEO there are now clear and strict guidelines. One of the stricter rules are with links and content. People going after guaranteed SEO can find themselves on the wrong side of the guidelines despite good intentions, and these are the real dangers of DIY SEO.

Bad links

Bad LinksBuilding bad links can seriously harm your website. A bad link can have many appearances – it could be
a part of an already penalised site, it could be totally irrelevant or it could be a paid link. All of which break the Google guidelines. It can take years of SEO experience to spot a bad link. If you were doing DIY SEO would you be completely confident that a link you’ve got is actually any good? If you’re unsure then it’s finally a sign to hire a professional to help out.

Substandard content

Essentially, the whole idea of a website is to offer an answer to potential visitors questions. Content needs to be engaging, thoughtful and provide valuable information to the reader. We have experienced content writers  who write 10x content for our clients. There’s no purpose to bloated and keyword stuffed content. Call us about our content writing service today.

Too much stuff

Speed matters in the online space, as does rich media. Pictures and videos can help boost SEO, but which pictures, which videos? Why is my website taking so long to load? These are some of the complex scenarios that our expert web designers are able to answer.

” Guaranteed SEO”

System FailureOf course there’s no such thing as guaranteed SEO and if you have read a guide that states that or have been offered guaranteed SEO then unfortunately it’s probably snake oil. Google and other search engines simply want to offer the best results for their searchers. Hence, if a website is seen to ‘game’ the system then there’s always the risk it could be shut down. The best way to avoid this scenario is to work on the user experience and build links that mean something. Understanding how to do it and do it well takes years and  a lot of teamwork – something we at Pixus have achieved. We don’t offer guaranteed SEO, we offer a user friendly website and a solid and relevant link structure. Interested? Give us a call and see how we can help your website thrive online.


This article was written by . Dan is the Co-founder & Director at Pixus.

Dan has over 10 years experience working with web designers and developers, creating a wide range of projects both large and small.


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