Why It’s Better For Brands To Be Personal, Not Corporate

July 12, 2016

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We’ve talked at length on this blog about why your brand needs to use social media to reach your target audience. Social media benefits your business in so many ways, from sales to employee engagement. However, most businesses only think of social media as performing one function; protecting the corporate brand. It’s important to let go of this archaic belief, as its believed to be better to use the power of a personal brand alongside a corporate facade.

What is a personal brand?

A personal brand is exactly that: personal. It’s a form of identity and personality for an individual, rather than corporate businesses. It’s up to you whether you choose to use your personal brand separately or as an extension of the main brand.

What are the advantages of using a personal brand?


Corporate brands aren’t as highly trusted as other brands. Fact. This is due to a distrust for corporate brands and advertising in general, being at an all time high. Increasingly, more consumers are resenting big corporations and feeling overwhelmed by the high volume of adverts that are splashed across print, broadcast and social media. Developing a personal brand gives a corporate brand the chance to get out of the distrust pit, connecting with consumers on an individual level and building trust personally before they introduce the consumers to the corporate side of the brand.


It’s common sense that a personal brand would have a more personal voice, because it is individual people who control them. Conversational voices aren’t a great fit for every brand, but they do suit every person. When we interact with other humans, we want to experience friendliness and warmth- personal brands can always provide this feeling more than a corporate brand. You could also use several personal brands for different voices, to appeal to different audiences.


Personal brands allow you to naturally distinguish yourself from the competition. They have a natural element of personality to them, offering consumers something different and allowing you to reach people that your competitors won’t.


Whilst your corporate side has your reputation to uphold, your personal brands can showcase a more light side. You have to be incredibly careful not to cross any lines, but you can introduce a more humorous or even controversial side to your brand.


Linking all of your social networks with a personal and corporate brand will create an overall increase in your content reach. Each article that you post will have the potential to reach more people, generate links and even increase sales.


Personal brands can sometimes access features of social media channels that corporate profiles can’t. For example, Snapchat does not allow you to set up a dedicated company profile, unless you are an advertiser. On LinkedIn, only individual members can access groups.


Every good business owner knows that the key to success is building effective customer relationships. A great product or service can be ruined by bad customer service, and a bad experience can be forgotten about if you have a good relationship with the customer. Naturally, personal brands lead to more personal, friendly customer relationships. Generally speaking, customers engage with brands directly on social media, which makes the sales process more welcoming and personable.

Let’s take a look at some corporations who are successfully offering a more personal side to their brand. Whilst it may not be a separate profile, their levels of engagement and customer interactions definitely show a friendly, approaching side to a corporate brand.

Tesco Mobile

Remember how we said you can use a personal brand to be more humorous and controversial? Tesco Mobile is the perfect example of this.

tesco mobile twitter 1


tesco mobile twitter 2

That’s one way to get rid of the haters…

tesco vs o2

Tesco Mobile takes on network giant O2 in a rap battle!



Pauline Cabrera from a Canadian digital agency, Twelveskip, uses a personal photo for her profile picture. Her cover photo advertises the business, whilst her pinned tweet shows how successful she is. This is a great example of mixing personal/corporate branding.

Richard Branson- Virgin


Richard Branson’s personal profile helps to showcase his personality, whilst also including links to his corporate Twitter and website. You should never underestimate the power of a good bio!

Still not sure how to build a personal side to your brand? We can help. We can analyse your social media, to help you build the brand that you want.

Give us a call or drop us an email, and start reaping the rewards of being personal!

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