Christmas Time at Pixus!

December 11, 2015

It would be difficult to refute that Pixus Director Dan Corlett has something of a flair for the dramatic. Only a week after moving into our new office and gaining a brand new reception/break room, he turned up with a 25-foot tall tree, which is noticeably larger and more festive than the Christmas trees of most town centres.

With the goal of creating the largest and most impressively Christmassy tree possible, Dan, Taryn and Yvonne collected up some great decorations and the entire team then set out to decorate it. Drawing on a deep knowledge of festive interior design that carried us up ladders, under branches and through storms of pine needles, we worked at it until the tree stood there complete, commanding all the attention.

We gathered in front of the twinkling, sparkling Christmas Colossus, snapped a quick company photo of our exhausted, glitter-covered faces, and then got back into the office to get back to work!

Meanwhile, the tree is still in there, reaching for the sky, waiting for the office secret Santa presents and proclaiming how excited everyone is for Christmas with its cartoonishly enormous, unfeasibly gigantic bigness.

Merry Christmas from Pixus!


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