How Effective is Your Facebook Ad?

May 25, 2016

how effective is that Facebook ad

If you have been using social media for business, whether it is to promote a company or market content, you will have a company page. This page can be useful for all kinds of promotion, and there are several options to ‘boost’ your posts dotted around the page, as well as the option to create a Facebook Advert for a certain cost, depending on how many other users you want it to ‘reach’. If you have Facebook for personal use, you have probably seen adverts before that randomly appear on your News Feed whether it be as you‘re scrolling through, or at the side, and you wonder how the hell they got there. They look good, and the person who wanted it probably paid Facebook a fair bit of money for it and it may reach a good amount of people, but the question is; how effective is it?

The obvious answer to this question would be that it depends on the type of business you are as to whether Facebook Advertising is entirely beneficial to you, for example, an advert promoting something more leisure based will probably attract more attention on Facebook because Facebook is used mainly for this kind of activity. But there is also more to it than that.

Unlimited Audience

how effective is that facebook ad

Unlike Google Adwords, where your chosen keyword must be searched for, so the person seeking out the type of product you’re offering are the people that will come across your company, Facebook ads can appear to anyone. Yes, you can choose to specialise your audience (the social media site offers a number of different categories to choose from), you don’t have to limit your audience to anything. On the outside, this might look like an effective way to market, but at the same time, if people are disinterested in what your ad has to offer, they will probably just keep on scrollin’.

All about the £

how effective is that Facebook ad

Unfortunately, if you want to address a large audience, and have your advert ‘reach’ a good amount of people, you will probably have to pay Facebook per day. The more you pay, the more people you will reach. But is this effective when you could market your company page effectively independently, build up your likes, and then just use regular Facebook posts to promote? However, if you are willing to pay up, then a Facebook ad will give you an estimated reach of a certain number of people, usually being reasonably high.


designing your facebook ad

Creating a Facebook Ad still involves a design process. If you want it to do a decent job you need to make sure it appears eye -catching, interesting and overall engaging to any scrollers that may come across it. Include a clear image. If you are going to put a Facebook Ad out, ensure your company page includes a call to action button, for optimum effect. If you are a business that may not appeal to your everyday Facebook user, make the advert easy to understand what you’re about, and definitely not too wordy. Don’t forget that Facebook ads don’t need to just be used for a B2C basis, and that you can engage with other businesses via your company page.

We have established that a Facebook Advert’s effectiveness really does depend on the type of business you are, but most importantly how much you put into it. If you thought that nobody clicked on a Facebook ad, then you’re wrong, their effectiveness is definitely growing. This is possibly down to the vast amount of options Facebook also provides for promoting your business, even allowing you to see how many people have actively clicked on your website through Facebook. The in-depth analytics provided by Facebook can leave you to determine for yourself whether you feel it worth paying for your advertisements. Remember, the world of social media is big. Very big.

If you’re ready to delve into the world of Facebook advertising, we can help! Drop us an email or give us a call.

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