Engaging Blog Posts Can Increase Business, And Here’s How

March 10, 2015


Writing engaging, share-able blog posts and promoting them via social media can have positive results for your business. It is a way of promoting your brand to people who have an interest in your industry, but may not have been actively searching for your business or its products.

For instance, imagine you are a retailer of baby products and write a blog post with tips for dressing a newborn baby. A parent may discover the post on a Google search or have it shared to them on social media. It could then drive them through to the business’ products, or establish your brand as an authority on baby clothes should they later wish to make a purchase. Thus, blog posts are a great form of advertising when they are done right.

However, doing them right is the tricky part. Writing a blog post that manages to get shared across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is not easy, and it is certainly not something that just anyone can do without the right skills or advice.

First of all, you need to focus on coming up with the content of the blog post. Generic articles that have already been written about hundreds of times before will have no value to potential readers. You should brainstorm and research innovative ideas that have not been covered by other websites before, or seek a fresh angle on a familiar topic.


But a great idea alone does not a great blog post make. Just as important as the topic itself is how you present it to your readers through the writing. There are several obvious aspects to achieving this – primarily, the use of good spelling and grammar. However, great storytelling is not something that can be learned just by reading a few posts like this. These are skills developed with many years of writing to, for instance, understand the perfect ways to structure a post and write so it’s engaging, entertaining and clear to understand. Our professional content writers at Pixus are able to do this for our customers and clients.

Getting the blog post shared on social media is a skill unto itself. Considering the average Twitter user following just over 100 people who could each be posting half a dozen times per day, and with a staggering 500 million tweets sent every day across the whole platform, it gives you some idea of how difficult it is for your content to be seen.

Think carefully about what time you share your blog post online. Running with the example of the aforementioned baby product post, new parents are less likely to be online when they’re attending to their child, so you could perhaps time it for when babies tend to have naps. Furthermore, you need to make it as eye-catching as possible. Striking images are essential, for instance, and you should think about giving your social shares clickable calls-to-action (“We have some advice for dressing a newborn baby” sounds passive while “Here is everything you didn’t know about dressing a newborn baby” demands reading).

These tips could help your business to create better and more engaging blog posts, driving new customers to your website and hopefully generating more sales than before.

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