What is… Google Analytics?

December 13, 2013

google-analyticsGoogle Analytics in a nutshell is a traffic tracking service provided by Google to allow website’s track and follow visitors and their behaviour on any given website.  Sounds like it is pretty high tech stuff right? Well surprisingly, Google Analytics is an extremely easy and powerful marketing tool when in the hands of the right online marketers.

What does Google Analytics do?

Google Analytics does a wide range of different set functions and has a tonne of innovating skills to aid and analyze any online marketing campaign. By installing Google Analytics onto your website, you will be able to;

1. Track the amount of visitors to your website

Long gone are the days where a site counter would be the only way to measure how popular your site was by the amount of visitors coming to your page. Now with Google Analytics, you can track how many visitors are visiting your page, which page referred them to your site, what type of browser they are using and what device they used to view your website. Tracking the behaviour of your visitors is extremely important if you want to keep up with trends and audience habits.


2.  Determine the difference between visitors and page views

Google is also very good at analyzing how popular your site with visitors. Google Analytics tracks the amount of visits your page receives and how many times the pages have been viewed by those visitors. The more your visitors look and stay on your pages the better! This is a huge indicator to Google that your website has useful and entertaining content and visitors find your website useful.pageviews-visits

3.  Differentiate between Organic and Paid Search traffic

Analytics is also good at deterring what type of traffic you are receiving. If you are running various online marketing campaigns, chances are you will be running a PPC campaign for a variety of keywords. If that’s the case, Google Analytics can help you differentiate between all the traffic to your website will receive.  Google can determine how much of the traffic has come through your PPC search campaigns and what traffic has come through organically. This can be an invaluable pile of data for any marketing strategy unsure on where to focus their efforts on next.

What results can you expect from Google Analytics?

Google Analytics essentially provides anyone with a wide range of useful and valuable results depending on how well the user can charm and work the analytic tracking software.  The Analytics can also provide a lot more in depth knowledge about your audience from ‘real time’ feature which allows you to view any visitors on a website at any given time and even provides statistical data on locations, search terms and more. Of course we will talk about Google Analytics in depth another day.

This article was written by . Darren is the Co-Founder & Head of Search at Pixus.


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