Google Trends; what it is and how to use it.

March 24, 2015

Why use Google Trends?

Using Google Trends can give you insights into how your target audience is behaving and help you plan ahead, it can also alert you to growing opportunities within your industry. For example if you see that search demand for a particular keyword relevant to your business is growing significantly it is obviously worth investing in your digital marketing campaign to ensure that you are ranking for those keywords.

Being aware of what people are searching for is a crucial aspect of running any website. Google Trends is a free tool which can help you to understand what web users are searching for and where and when demand is greatest.

How to Use Google Trends

To use Google Trends simply input a search term at the top that is of relevance to your business. Once you have done this you can easily add more terms (up to a total of five) by selecting “+Add term” this allows you to compare demand for similar terms.

You can see in our example that search demand for “Web design Liverpool” peaked in late 2008 whereas search demand for “SEO Liverpool” peaked in early 2011.

web design liverpool

You can use Google Trends to view how search demand fluctuates over a specific time period. To do this select the drop down menu shown in the circle below and choose a time range. Viewing the past 30 days can be useful as it allows you to see the days of the week which have peak demand for your search term. We can see that search demand for “Web Design” was at it’s highest over the last 30 days on March 4th, it was also fairly high on Monday the 16th March. We can also see that demand is consistently low over the weekends. This is worth looking at if you are thinking about what day to launch a new product or service on your website.web design

How to use Google Trends to Check Product Demand

Google Trends is very useful for getting a rough idea of search demand for a specific product or new service you may be considering selling on your site. An obvious example of this can be seen below. Search demand for Nokia 3310s has been slowly dwindling since 2005 whereas search demand for the HTC M8 has been huge in comparison since it’s release was announced in 2014.

nokia 3310 v htc m8

How to Find out Where Demand is Highest

If you scroll further down the page you will notice a regional interest map which shows you where search demand is the highest by colouring the regions of high demand darker.

uk google trends map

If you then click on an area within the map it will give you a breakdown of cities which search for your keyword the most. For this example I used the keyword “iPhone 6”, we can see that search demand is highest in the Midlands and London. It is worth noting that for keywords which are quite specific Google may not be able to show you all this data as there may have been an insufficient number of searches to do so.

Google Trends Map


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