Google updates with Panda 4.0

June 3, 2014

As part of Google’s ongoing algorithm updates comes the latest update to Panda called Panda 4.0.

Matt Cutts announced the update last week on twitter.

What does this mean to you and your website I hear you ask?

As long as you are following Google’s guidelines, then your website will not be negatively affected by the latest Panda.

This update mainly targeted larger websites, so it more than likely didn’t affect your positions. But if you have a lot of thin content on your website, you may find that your positions have changed due to this update.

What can you do ?

Write more relevant content, and dont over optimise it, it is as easy as that.

If you have written a page with 50 words about a service or product that you’re trying to push, then write more information about it, but dont stuff keywords all over the place on the page which will make it unreadable – just write it in a natural way. 400-600 words will give you a much better chance of not being labelled with thin content. This will keep your visitors on your website reading your engaging relevant content, and Google will send more people your way.

The main websites affected are big websites like Ebay and Amazon. Ebay lost 35% of its normal traffic after the latest update, and thats a lot of traffic!

Some blog networks have also been affected, and if you had links on them, then the links are now worth less. So it may be a good time to check your backlink profile.

If your website has been penalised by Panda 4.0, or if you have seen a drop in positions and traffic since May 20th 2014, then give us a call and we can discuss how you can move forward. We can also help you follow more of Google’s guidelines so that you’re not hit by future updates.

This article was written by . Darren is the Co-Founder & Head of Search at Pixus.


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