Google’s Over Optimisation Update has been named Penguin

April 27, 2012

Google recent algorithm update now as has an official name; Penguin.

We covered the recent announcement from Google’s Matt Cutts a few weeks ago that an over optimisation penalty will come.  The first iteration of that update is now online and Google also published the article Another step to reward high-quality sites with some more information about the update.

Google has also provided a Penguin Feedback page, so if your site was affected by the “Penguin” web spam algorithm update on April 24th, 2012, and you don’t think it should have been affected then you can submit a request online.  The form requests a sample URL for the affected website, associated search queries, and a comments box for feedback.

Google Over-Optimisation / Penguin Report

If you are worried that your sites violated the guidelines we can produce a detailed report covering both on-site and off-site penalties that your site has incurred. Find out more about our Google Penguin Reports now.

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