How Brands Used Social Media For Promotion On April Fools’ Day

April 2, 2015

As well as a comical international day of pranks and hoaxes, April Fools’ Day has also become a great marketing opportunity for brands. On social media, great April Fools gags can quickly go ‘viral’. They can be shared to friends and followers thereby promoting your business to potential customers who may have never heard it before. With a little imagination and a sense of humour, a great April Fools joke on Twitter or Facebook can go as far as any paid advertisement.

Here are what a few of our favourite brands and websites did on social media this April 1st:

Jack Wills

We wrote a few weeks back about how important your brand’s consistency with colour can be and how changing it can confuse your customers. Jack Wills put this to the test.


Tesco used social media to announce a new job opening at supermarkets around the country. It may be a joke, but it is not exactly a bad idea for reaching the top shelves.


Dominos used Vine to give us a six second glimpse into the future of pizza delivery on April Fools’ Day. As well as being shared over one hundred times on Twitter it has been ‘looped’ over 20,000 times on Vine.

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs invited social media followers to sponsor a guppy. The link, however, directed them to sponsor a puppy for someone with visual needs in the UK. It’s a great example of a brand using its humorous approach to raise awareness of a serious issue.

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