How Schema Can Improve Your SEO, Click-Through Rates And Sales

December 23, 2015

everyman-theatreSchema markup, also known as semantic vocabulary or markup, is a new form of web language which can help Google and other search engines extract important information from your website easier and faster. Schema literally highlights the information that search engines can understand – it is effectively like saying: “Here you go, Google, here is our important information so you won’t need to spend any time looking for it”. Search engines can still find this information without the code but it isn’t guaranteed; using schema means that the search engines will definitely discover it.

Use of schema is still relatively new in the digital marketing world. However, its use is growing more popular as the search engines begin to create rich snippets using the marked up data (extra pieces of information which can appear on a search engine results pages such as review stars, author information, telephone number, prices – an example of one for the Liverpool Everyman can seen in this article’s picture). Schema is used most often for search engine optimisation purposes as it can improve a website’s performance and appearance on search engines by helping the user find what they’re looking for quicker and easier. It’s becoming more essential to use as the web evolves – particularly for those in the travel, events industry and certainly local businesses.

Rich snippets can help tremendously with website click-through-rates (the % of impressions on search engines vs. those who actually click and visit) which increase traffic, lead to an influx of sales, etc. Schema markup can help draw the eyes of searchers and separate you from the competition, particularly if you have reviews on there. Schema can also be used to advertise upcoming events.

How can I get schema on my site?

If you’re already a client of Pixus then the chances are you already have it or we are already working on it. If not, the best and fastest way is to get in touch with us to see what we can do for you. Schema integration involves nesting HTML or a JSON script into the website wrapped around the relevant information. This is not something that should be attempted by those who have no knowledge of HTML and CSS.

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