How to use trending topics in your social media posts

April 22, 2015

Trending topics are things that are used across Facebook, Twitter and Google + and are a collection of data that shows what people are talking about. So how can you use that for your business?

From a content creation standpoint, trending topics give social media managers insight into what consumers are talking about and most willing to engage with therefore giving them the tools they need to target consumers in specific posts, ad copy, and other content.

Trending topics also help you to stay current and relevant, and whether the hot topics are celebrity news, the General Election or the release of a new film, more often than not you can jump on the bandwagon and reach a whole different audience.

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How can you use social media to your advantage?

Much like April Fool’s Day, some savvy businesses are taking the talking points on social from around the world and applying them to their business.

It’s a common social media tactic which connects a product or service to a popular topic on social media, allowing you to expand your reach beyond your core audience.

Here are some suggestions on how you can use trending topics to boost your business on social media.

Capitalise on popular culture

The trending sidebar on Facebook/Twitter serves as a great idea bank for what people are talking about. Start there and get some ideas flowing.

Create a spoof video

A well-crafted humour video, for instance, can engage and entertain an audience; encourage viral, word-of-mouth distribution and press mentions; and build awareness and interest in the brand or product.  The very best ones even directly impact sales.

Watch the video for some ideas on how you can manipulate something popular for your own business gains.

Give a joke your own spin

The whole blue/black or white/gold dress debacle certainly caused a stir and those companies with the right sense took advantage of that. The Salvation Army created a strong and powerful campaign through it.

It shows a model wearing a gold-and-white edited version of #TheDress. More controversial than #TheDress, though, are the black and blue bruises and cuts covering her body. The ad then challenges victim-blaming, saying, “The only illusion is if you think it was her choice.”

Salvation Army dress campaign

Use popular hashtags to draw in your target market

Keep an eye on the hot hashtags and create posts around them. You’ll reach a whole new audience through this.

Create a humorous meme

Take a trend and put your own spin on it with a freshly created meme, they’re easy to share and people like visual content.


With more than just cute puppy pictures and spoiler-filled lists, Buzzfeed’s trend section gives readers a look at what’s popular on its own site (helpful for inspiring pop-culture-related social content) as well as what’s popular around the rest of the web. Sometimes, real, hard-hitting news stories even show up in the list.

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