How Search Marketing has changed for the better over the last ten years

July 4, 2016

The internet changes on a daily basis and as a result so does effective web marketing. Over the last ten years strategies employed to ensure that your site ranks well in Google have changed radically.

User experience is much more important now than it was then. A great user experience keeps the user on your site for longer thereby reducing your bounce rate and making users far more likely to share your content. All things which will help with your search marketing.

By looking at a few of the UK’s leading sites now compared to how they looked ten years ago we can see how their sites have changed to ensure that the user has a better experience:

BBc Sport June 2006

The BBC Sports page in June 2006

The snapshot above of the BBC website in June 2006 looks markedly different to the 2016 version of the same page below. In 2006 the page was covered in links everywhere. Now the page focuses much more on serving high quality images.

The site looks much cleaner and is far more appealing to the user. These changes reflect how search marketing has changed since 2006. Ranking well on Google isn’t just about having lots of links anymore, a good user experience is crucial.

BBc Sport June 2016

The BBC Sports page in June 2016
Facebook June 2006

Facebook in June 2006

In 2006 Facebook was just getting off the ground and was accessible only to University students.

Myspace and Bebo were dominating the social network world. Facebook rapidly outgrew them over the next few years because they focused on building a site which provided a much better experience for their users than their rivals did.

Ten years later it has become one of the worlds biggest websites and is a key place for online marketers to be able to post very targeted adverts.

Facebook June 2016

Facebook in June 2016 June 2006 in June 2006

Amazon has also prioritised images much more, good product images helps sell items and as the internet has sped up over the last ten years so has image quality increased. June 2016 in June 2016
Ebay June 2006 in June 2006

ebay has changed in a way very similar to the BBC website. The countless blue links all over the homepage are gone and instead clear attractive images take their place.

The homepage now focuses on serving images of products which users have previously shown interest in rather than a selection of links that they may (but probably won’t) be interested in.

Ebay June 2016 in June 2016

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