What Are Brand Style Guides and Why Do They Matter?

March 20, 2015

One of the key steps in creating a memorable brand is making sure that everything is consistent. In order for your customers to relate to your brand, everything from colour use to tone of voice has to be cohesive, which is why creating a brand or identity style guide is important.

A brand style guide is a document which not only explains the visual elements of your brand, but also gives anyone representing the brand through advertising, social media and customer service an idea of the tone of voice to use. They can be as detailed or as simple as you like, making sure nothing is left to the imagination of a rogue intern.

Brand style guides transform businesses from unknown companies into unified brands and make it easier for employees to make sure they’re representing your company correctly, keeping your customers satisfied.

If someone was to create an advertising campaign for EasyGroup and use a dull yellow instead of the usual bright orange, or use Tesco’s blue on Asda branded products, customers wouldn’t know who they were buying from.

In this article we’ve gathered some style guides from companies you probably already know and recognise so you can see exactly how they’ve created such memorable brands.

1. Adobe

Adobe brand guidelines

2. Android

android brand guide

3. Apple

apple brand guide

4. British Rail

british rail brand guide

5. Channel 4


6. Twitter

twitter brand guide

7. Penguin Books

penguin books brand guide

8. MailChimp

mailchimp brand guide

9. Facebook

facebook brand guide

10. Dropbox


11. GOV.UK

gov.uk brand guide

12. Microsoft

microsoft guidelines logo

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