The Importance of Good Website Content

October 31, 2016


Website content is a part of the web development process that is often overlooked by site owners, causing them needless problems and setting their website back.

Great design is of course necessary to create a web page with a solid user experience, easy navigation and a suitably brilliant aesthetic, and SEO is needed to make your site rank well on search engines so customers can actually ­find it in the first place; but when it comes to the content that will fill the site, many people choose to either write it themselves, or simply ignore it.

Without good content though, SEO doesn’t work – it’s simply impossible for a website to rank well on Google or other search engines without content. To prevent that from happening to our clients, the Pixus content and SEO teams work closely together to get our clients to the front page, providing targeted content that will generate real, tangible results.

The best way to improve your website, however, is usually to simply try to be the best in your niche. If you provide great content to your readers, they’ll keep coming back, your site will increase in popularity, and your Google rankings will naturally improve with it!

We’ve just quickly outlined the main points involved with great content creation below, for anyone who’s interested in finding out more of what we do for you here.

High-Quality, Original Content

The first thing to keep in mind when you’re setting out to write your website content is that everyone who might visit your website needs a reason to keep coming back – your readers don’t have all the time in the world and the internet is full of distractions. If they get bored, they will leave the site.

As a result, you need to make sure your content is good, and that it covers the things your readers will want to see. It also should change regularly, so that frequent readers always have something new to bring them back, and so the search engines will continue to treat the site as an active, growing resource. Websites that never change or update their content begin to slip down the rankings before long, and a stagnant site, left for too long, may soon slide away into oblivion!

As to how frequently your site should get new content, we recommend a few thousand words per month, or one/two articles that will keep customers coming back and keep Google happy, but the amount needed is different for every site. An online store really only needs updates when a new product comes into stock, but a news and reviews site will need much more frequent attention. We work with clients to make sure their content needs are met, so if you’re wondering how frequently to update your content, just give us a call and we’ll work out a plan that suits you.

Concise Titles and Meta-Data

Page titles and meta-data (the “preview” information shown under the title on Google results pages) have traditionally been used by search engines to quickly and effectively catalogue websites, but this practice is falling out of use as more detailed algorithms analyse the entire body of the text instead. The page title is still important for SEO, and so it is vital to keep it concise and descriptive, but the meta-data now serves a more human purpose: providing information to viewers before they click in to your site. Think of it like a sneak preview, a way to provide the most important information quickly, or even like the blurb on a book.

Relevant Keywords

When it comes to SEO, proper use of keywords makes all the difference between front-page glory and a proud spot on page 20 of the Google results.

To make proper use of them, you will need good content – since the search engines are looking for quality pieces for their users, they penalise any site that simply stuffs keywords in everywhere. Instead, they reward sites that have a healthy number of keywords in relevant text, filling the front page with websites that can provide what their users are looking for.

In short, they’re looking for good content. Content that caters to the target audience, that uses the right keywords in the right places, and that covers all the bases in a way that is engaging and easy to read. They’re looking for content that is updated frequently, that draws readers in and provides exactly what they were looking for.

They’re looking for Pixus content.

If you like the sounds of all that and you want to talk to us about your website content or SEO, give us a call any time on 0151 426 9977 or check out our website.

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