What is… the Keyword Planner Tool?

July 16, 2014

Google’s keyword planner is a free tool which helps you identify keywords which are relevant to your website. It gives you a good idea of the number of searches each month for keywords which are relevant to your website.

If you are thinking of selling a new product on your website it’s a great idea to see how much search volume there is for the new product. You don’t want the volume to be too low (or you won’t get many sales) or too high (there will be a lot of competition).

How Do I Use it?

To start off select search for new keyword and ad group ideas:

keyword planner 1

Put keywords relating to the product you are looking to sell in the first box, put your website in the second box. If you are selling a service which is only available locally then it is worth using the targeting options towards the bottom and inputting your region, for example Liverpool.

keyword planner2

Click Get Ideas and select the keyword ideas tab, this will bring up the page below:

keyword planner 3

Get an Idea of what People are Searching for

You will be given a list of potential keywords which Google thinks are relevant to your site and your products. It’s a good idea to order them by Average monthly searches so that you can see which terms are used most frequently.

In my search above you can see that the keyword ‘online marketing’ only has an average of 30 searches a month so it probably isn’t going to be worth our time chasing that keyword. However if you look further down the page Google has suggested that we consider the search term ‘seo liverpool’ which has 260 searches a month.

If you are thinking of selling a product or service online make sure you use the keyword planner to assess how much demand there is online for whatever it is you are selling.

Use it to estimate potential Google Advertising costs

The keyword planner is also useful if you are thinking of investing in Google advertising. The Competition column gives you a vague indication of how many people are bidding on the search term. If it is high, then it’s a lot and is likely to have a significantly higher cost per click. The suggested bid column gives you a rough idea of how much your average cost per click could be.

Why use the Keyword Planner Tool?

It is well worth spending a bit of time playing around with the Keyword planner and getting familiar with it. Making good use of the keyword planner tool can help you market your website effectively and it will give you a realistic view of which keywords it would be profitable to target. For more information about the keyword planner tool or for help with your online marketing don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.


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