What Is A Long Tailed Keyword And How Will It Benefit Your Business?

May 9, 2016


We can’t get through the day without hearing the word ‘keywords’ at least ten times. If you’re not familiar with keywords and what they mean then let us explain – a keyword in the context of the services we offer are certain words that people would type into a search engine like Google or Bing that would bring up results based on that key word – for example if I type in ‘driveways Liverpool’ into Google it would bring up this result –

These keywords are a good measurement of where a website is likely to rank on similar searches. However, the web and its users are evolving and search engines such as Google are able to answer more and more complex searchers also known as ‘long tailed keywords’.

Long Tailed Keywords Explained

Long tailed keywords are typically 4 or more word phrases or questions. “Nike shoes” isn’t a long tailed keyword but “black and white running nike shoes” is. As you can see, these two searchers are similar but at the same time quite different as one is being much more specific –  a website who is best optimised for “black and white running nike shoes” will be the one to get the searchers potential business.  Below is an example of how Google fully understands this search term and is able to provide the perfect result –


Long tailed keywords are entered by those who are looking for an answer to a specific question or they are are looking for a specific product or feature. Why not test how well you are ranking for long tailed keywords? Type in a complex query about one of your products and see where you are ranking.

If you are nowhere to be found then you may need help from specialist SEOs such as Pixus.

Is Optimising For Long Tailed Keywords Worth It?

Absolutely- cumulatively, long tailed keywords add up to more volume than short keywords, they’re also known to be better converters which is essentially the whole point of SEO. If you’re website is an eCommerce site or a seller of a wide range of products then optimising for the long tail is absolutely vital to your on-line success.

Short keywords are much more competitive as there are more websites with mentions of that product or service whereas there are less websites that are optimised for 4 words or more phrases.


Image Credit: Clickx.io

How Can I Optimise For The Long Tail?

Helping the searchers understand what the product or service you are supplying or offer is the most important aspect of getting good rankings with long tailed keywords. Optimising the content and images can make it perfectly clear what the web page is about – we have a team of highly skilled content writers here at Pixus who have helped hundreds of our clients get long tailed traffic.

So, now that you understand how a long tail keyword can benefit your business, why not give us a call to see how we can help you?

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