New Website Woes To Be Wary Of

March 31, 2016


A website redesign is a great way to refresh your brand’s online presence. It allows you to get ahead of your competition by ensuring that your site looks better and is better optimised for the web than theirs.

However, caution must be taken to ensure that you avoid a number of simple mistakes when having your site redesigned. Here are a few common mistakes which could have a negative impact on your business if you are not careful:

Problem One: Changing the URLs

We have seen websites completely change their URL structures when they have their site redesigned. For example, on their old site they may have had a page called /seo-liverpool/. However, when the site is redesigned they may change the URL to something like /search-engine-optimisation-liverpool/.

Problem Two: Deleting Old Content

When a site is redesigned some agencies will delete your old content and write up some nice new pages for you to put on your new site. While this may seem like a good idea as it will help freshen up your brand’s online presence, it isn’t. Combined with problem one it will lead to the dreaded problem number three:

Problem Three: Your Rankings, Traffic And Conversions Will Drop

Because you have changed your URLs and altered the content on your pages your new redesigned website has nothing in common with the old one except the domain name you had prior to the redesign. Google will therefore not associate your old pages with your new pages and consequently it is very likely that you will see a fairly sudden and significant drop in rankings. This, inevitably, will also lead to your website bringing in much less traffic and comparatively few conversions.

Oops, it’s too late, what can I do?

So your site looks better than it ever has done before but all your URLs have been changed, all your old content has been deleted, and you can’t remember what the old URLs were and have no copies of the content. Not to worry, our SEO team at Pixus can help, we have software which we can use to find old versions of your site and fix your URLs, restore your content and quickly get your rankings back to where they were. Enquire now.

This article was written by . Dan is the Co-founder & Director at Pixus.

Dan has over 10 years experience working with web designers and developers, creating a wide range of projects both large and small.


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