What not to do on social media when using it for business

November 14, 2016

What not to do on social media when using it for business Pixus.uk

We all know the importance of social media for your business, it allows you to engage with your audience, target a wider demographic and give your brand a voice.

Now that you’ve set up your pages, whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or others, followed a few people and now what else?

Here we share what you should avoid doing when using your social media for business.

Skip the plan

Don’t just think you’ll sign up to them all and work across them all, make sure they fit your business model and decide what you’d like to achieve from your social media; whether it’s converting into website clicks, increasing customers or just engaging with your customers more. Set smart goals and develop a plan to achieve those goals.

Spread yourself thin

Again social media doesn’t mean you have to be everywhere, pick one, two or three channels and excel in them. Be great and present at what you do.

Share too much

Sometimes the goal with social media is to inject a little of your personality into your business, but there’s a thin line between being engaging and sharing too much.

Before you post anything, question whether you’d send this to a client or customer in a personal message. If you wouldn’t say this to valuable people in your business, keep it off your social media sites.

Don’t like your own posts

Of course, you like your post, you posted it. But don’t ‘like’ or ‘favourite’ your own stuff. Instead encourage your employees to share the material that’s posted, this will definitely help it reach more people.

Neglect your profile

Don’t post sporadically once a month, keep it consistent and you’ll reap the benefits.

Don’t forget to network

Like you do in real life, it’s important that you’re always working to make connections and grow your brand by building relationships online.

Don’t avoid the influencers

Great content is just one part of marketing, another part is to consider those who carry weight with their words, the industry influencers. If your business permits it, consider thinking about those people your customers will listen to and trust.

Influencer marketing has been around for some time, but it’s still an effective tactic to build brand trust and authority. Quite simply, it works.

Don’t avoid social advertising

Specialist algorithms meant that it’s harder and harder to reach for your full list of followers, there’s just so much content competing with your audience’s attention. Paid advertising is available on pretty much every social media platform, and it can really give your reach a boost.

Consider it tactically and it’s great for specialist targeting. Get it right and you could increase click-through rates quite a lot.

Don’t ignore comments

It’s vital that you engage with your customers, if you don’t they may feel like you don’t care or aren’t concerned, this could be detrimental to your business. Always think about good customer service and replying to comments and mentions if definitely part of this. Use them as an opportunity to interact and engage with your followers.

Don’t delete negative comments

If you delete it people may notice and that can only lead to further problems. Instead address the issue head on and treat the customer with compassion. Be proactive in resolving issues and show that you’re there to serve your customers the best you can.

Don’t rely on automation

Yes you can schedule tweets and posts, but don’t come to rely on this. It loses the personal touch that social media requires and makes it seem as though a computer is speaking to them.

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