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October 21, 2016


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The global search giant Google released a new update to their “Penguin” algorithm during September of 2016, dubbed “Penguin 4.0” this algorithm specifically looks at a website’s link profile and determines whether these links should benefit the site or if they’re manipulative. We’ve written about penguin a few times at Pixus – outlining the basics of what it is and how you can safeguard yourself against penalties.

The official announcement from Google  appeared on the webmasters blog on Friday the 23rd of September but we noticed the effects as early as the 1st of September as the search engine results pages started to shift constantly.

Below you can see a graph on search engine fluctuations. Beginning in September you can clearly see  major movements almost every single day which still continues today.

Algoroo Penguin 4.0

Constant Flux

This Penguin 4.0 update now integrates with the core algorithm. This means that, unlike the previous updates, Penguin would not need to be updated and refreshed manually.

What does this mean for websites doing SEO? In short, it means that a website’s links are under constant scrutiny and many web spammers won’t be able to hide behind an out of date Penguin algorithm that’s in dire need of an update. Algorithm flowchart

On the other hand, websites which are building great links should be able to reap the rewards quicker and get the attention they deserve as they move up the rankings.

The State of Link Building

Links have always been a hotly discussed topic in the world of SEO as it’s often regarding as the biggest factor in Google’s attempts to organise the web. Many people often worry and in some case destroy their rankings when it comes to building links for their website. Spam and manipulation using links is simply not tolerated anymore, this is why the use of expert search engine optimizers like ourselves have become just as important as any other role within the organisation.

SEO and Link Building Services from Pixus

Here at Pixus we pride ourselves on the results we achieve from working on our client’s SEO. We build relevant and authoritative links that comply with Google’s guidelines which in turn helps our clients to soar up the results pages.

Worried about your website’s ranks or been affected by Penguin 4.0? Why not give us a call and see how we can work together to bring your website to the forefront of where your potential customers are. Contact us today.

This article was written by . Dan is the Co-founder & Director at Pixus.

Dan has over 10 years experience working with web designers and developers, creating a wide range of projects both large and small.


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