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March 17, 2015

The start of the year saw a new venture for Pixus, the launch of our very own news and entertainment website, The Fuss.

The Fuss is a women’s lifestyle and entertainment site, covering a wide range of topics.

The aim of the site is to engage, inform and entertain readers covering subjects like health, fashion & beauty, celebrity, movies, television and relationships.

Ensure you know the hottest trends and news as they happen in the worlds of fashion, celebrity, TV, film and health with The Fuss

From the first month to the second we saw traffic increase 160% with audiences being drawn to the light and amusing topics and people have engaged with the social competitions we’ve run so far.

There’s also one currently running on Twitter to win a Limited Edition t-shirt for the hit horror film It Follows, which is in UK cinemas now.

The Fuss It Follows comp

Fashion & Beauty

The fashion and beauty section on the site features both well-known brands and smaller ones too.

Last month we covered the new drop of Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby’s Nostalgia fashion collection for In The Style, which Charlotte retweeted on social media.

Charlotte Crosby


The section covers everything from love and sex to topical pieces about 50 Shades of Grey, which proved popular with our audience.


From the latest health news, fitness trends, coverage of national health holidays, and health tips and tricks we’ve learned from the experts, the health section has a breadth of knowledge that people are eager to learn.


The movies section looks forward to the week’s hottest releases and adapts features around them, as well as covering the hottest news stories and featuring pieces on the upcoming actors you need to know now.

Miles Teller


The Fuss covers soaps, drama, comedy, reality TV and more; whether it’s the must-know news or taking a look back at some of our favourite shows.

We can’t ignore the impact of streaming TV either, with features on the shows that are available online.

Original streaming TV shows


The celebrity section looks to the latest red carpets events, celebrity gossip, throwbacks to bad celebrity style choices and topical stories that are taking over Twitter and Facebook – much like Derek Zoolander and Hansel storming the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week – a story that dominated headlines everywhere.

Zoolander story What do you think of The Fuss?

This article was written by . Taryn is the editor at The Fuss.

Taryn Davies

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