Top ways to promote your content

April 13, 2017

Top ways to promote your content

Increasing your readers and audience is one of the main reasons for producing quality content, and while great content is part of the equation, content promotion is just as important.

Getting your work out to more readers than before is vital for growing your audience, so here we have some simple tips on the top ways to promote your content.

Try Influencer Marketing

Influencers are the industry’s experts. They’re the people who have already nurtured large audiences and have the means to reach those audiences.

Developing relationships with those influencers is another way to build your audience, and it’s particularly effective for marketers who are still trying to build their own brand recognition. If you’ve done your planning right, you can actually include influencer marketing as part of your content creation process, something as simple as using a quote from an influencer and tagging them in it on social media, so they’ll share with their audience too.

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Send new content out on a newsletter

One of the best things you can do for your blog or brand is to build an email list. It’s one of the best channels for reaching the largest percentage of your followers. People have opted in to hear from you; they’re primed and ready to open, click, and engage with what you send.

We’ve previously shared some tips on how to grow your email subscription list too.

Comment on other blogs

Commenting on other relevant blogs is a great way to build relationships with top bloggers within your niche. Research the web to find top blogs in your niche and start commenting on their newest posts. This will help you make them and their readers aware of your existence as well as developing your own authority within the niche.

Consider paid advertising options

If you have a budget, you can boost your initial traffic through paid advertising. Google AdWords allows you to pay to promote your blog on Google Search and their display networks. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon have their own advertising platforms to help you drive traffic to your blog and blog posts. You can also look at advertising options on other blogs in your niche that receive a lot of traffic. This will generally be in the form of banner advertisements or sponsored reviews.

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Use visuals

According to a survey, Facebook posts with images generate more likes than the average posts, the same goes for videos. Same with tweets that have images and posts with images on LinkedIn too. This is because images, videos and infographics are easily understood and do not require a lot of time to read through.

Even a simple featured image makes your content more visually appealing while providing a visual context. So, visuals are important for your content strategy. Try and use some images amidst your content.

Guest post

Your content doesn’t just have to live on your site. With guest posting, you create unique content for another site with a related audience but a bigger reach.

But guest posting (done well) can be a super-powerful tactic to build your authority and expand your audience. Guest posting, like all forms of relationship building, can be a lot of work, but if you’re posting in the right places, the potential for rewards is high.

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