Ways to Ensure your Website Excels this Christmas

December 9, 2016

It’s almost Christmas, and the world is generally in a happier mood with most people forgetting life’s daily struggles and fully immersing themselves into the festive season (the to-do list can wait until January). What better way to take advantage of everyone’s joyous Christmas Spirit and frivolous December spending than to create amazing, engaging website content that will improve your sales no end? Reviewing your website once in a while can be beneficial for many reasons, but doing it in December is especially useful, particularly if you are in retail, as this is the time where you are likely to see website visits increase. Follow these simple tips to maximise your content and you too will wish it could be Christmas everyday (sorry).

Use Social Media

It’s all well and good having amazing discounts and offers up for grabs on your website at Christmas time, but if they’re not promoted well then potential customers will probably remain at a minimum. Make sure you are providing regular updates to both your Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram pages if you use all three to promote your business. It is important to make sure that the content on the website matches the offers that you are promoting on social media. If your customers have to provide a discount code at the checkout to receive discount, make sure this is displayed correctly. Remember that it is best to have a sense of consistency across all of your social media profiles and your website.

Tweak Your Images

Are any of your images looking a bit tired, perhaps a little dated? Have you found that some of them don’t really relate to what your website content is actually saying? There may not be any need for a complete re-design but a few image tweaks and colour changes here and there could create for a refreshing new look. Why not add some Christmassy colours to your website during the festive season? Think Green and Red, Silver and Gold – a bit cliché but hey, it only comes once a year.

Make any offers stand out

When visitors come across your website, one of the first things you want them to see is all of the offers that you have on this December. After Black Friday it’s pretty much Christmas offers galore for a lot of companies as people rush to get their shopping done before the big day so there is usually a lot to compete with. Even if your offers aren’t as ridiculous as some (99% off every.single.thing) it is important that you use an eye-catching display to show them off. Not only will it persuade people to stay and shop on your site, it might even persuade them to shop for more than they were going to when they realise that they can get discount. Find out what is selling the most and send out emails promoting the discounted price of this particular product.

Christmas-ify your Logo

A Christmas logo change never hurt anyone and it can definitely appeal to a lot of customers at this time of year. This doesn’t mean a complete logo change, but a little acknowledgement to the holidays can have a huge effect.

Christmas Blog Posts

Preparing and scheduling blog posts in advance to go live all over the Christmas period is a great way to engage your customers and boost your SEO. Tailor your blog posts to a Christmas theme and include things like Christmas gift guides featuring your products. Remember that fresh content will bring your website traffic and scheduling your blog to update without you (Christmas day, Christmas eve, boxing day etc) will mean you can still join in the Christmas parties and at the same time, revel in your organisation skills.

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Gina is an English and Film Graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University

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