What To Do If Your Company Isn’t Suited To Instagram

July 6, 2015

Many companies are scared to make the move forward to Instagram, the latest hot social media network. Used primarily by those under the age of 35, it is perfectly suited for young brands like clothing, entertainment and media outlets. But what if your company doesn’t do these sorts of things? Can you still use Instagram effectively?

Issue One: I Don’t Have Anything To Take Photos Of

As Instagram is solely a photo sharing platform, this is a common issue companies can find themselves running into. However, this should encourage you to think outside the box. Some suggestions we have include:

  • Behind The Scenes photos
    • Take an artsy photo of the office, Office Flat Layfactory floor, stack of paper, a team building day, anything that is related to the daily running of your company. These sorts of photos can get your customers excited about new items or just to show off your staff and office space and create an open and welcoming feel.
  • What your product is used for
    • My personal favourite brand for doing this on Instagram is American Express. Although, yes, they have some photos of their credit card designs (which are usually eye catching ones, rather than boring plain ones and the plain boring ones are in interesting locations), their Instagram feed is also full of things you can use your American Express card to buy. They also appeal to Instagram’s audience by including “Flat Lay” photos (like this one) and even managed to sneak a little American Express credit card in there too.
  • Humour
    • There is always a funny photo, meme or ecard that is related to your industry or customers. These can be especially powerful marketing tools as people are more likely to “tag” their friends, family and co-workers that it reminds them of. Just be careful when using these sorts of things as some people may find them offensive or they might not be as funny as you thought. Best thing to do is to run your idea by a co-worker before posting, as the internet never let you forget a mistake.
  • Photo Of DoughnutsCelebrate the little things
    • Changed your logo? New website layout? Doughnut Friday in the office? Share it! If it is a fun thing for your employees or an exciting change for your company, share it with the world and hopefully others will celebrate your happiness.
  • Post about holidays/ events/ celebrations
    • No matter what your company does, you can always post about Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter and so on. You can also include things suited to your main audiences country, so things like Bank Holiday weekends and the 4th July could be useful for certain brands.

Issue Two: I Can’t Schedule My Instagram Posts

Instagram 0There are many answers to this, primarily in the form of third party apps and websites.

Some of the more common ones include:

Each of these sites have their own pros and cons, such as the ability for a team of people to access the account, different price packages and other features.

By having the option of scheduling your content for Instagram means you can spend a set amount of time scheduling for the rest of the week or even the rest of the month.

Issue Three: I Can’t Take Good Photos

Photo Of StrawberriesThis is not an excuse! Instagram was designed to make bad photographs look good. With the amount of various apps that are available to edit and touch up photos before you even get started on the features offered in the Instagram app, even the worst photos can look professional.

The other side to this is that practice makes perfect. So the more you start to take photos for Instagram, the better you will get. And the best thing is that you don’t need a big fancy expensive camera and lenses, you probably already have exactly what you need and you use it almost every day; your mobile phone.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas to think about when it comes to your company using Instagram. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know in the comments below.

This article was written by . Gina is the Website Copywriter at Pixus.

Gina is an English and Film Graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University

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