Business directories can have a positive impact on your business if you use them in the right way, they’re comparable to search engines and what’s more, they’re easy to use. 

It’s imperative that you make it easy for customers and clients to find you online, and submitting your business to a directory list is one of the best ways you can do this. 

Whilst there are numerous SEO directories out there that will help you and your business, there are also some that you want to avoid. With that said we’ve pulled together the ultimate list of the biggest and best UK business directories that you should submit your business to. 

What is a business directory?

Simply put, a business directory is the online version of the Yellow Pages. There are hundreds of different directories across the web that list company information usually in alphabetical order by industry. 

The entry information usually links to the company’s website, with information about their address and phone number, as well as some other details. 

What are business directories good for?

Business directories are good for exposure. It helps users search for companies, products or services in their area. This in turn can result in more website traffic and as a result more revenue for your business. 

Submitting your business to a directory can also benefit your search engine optimisation too, helping Google and other search engines to understand what your business is and what it does. It is also beneficial for creating a backlink to the website and also helps the website become a little easier to find. 

Are they free to submit your business information?

There are both free and paid options for a business directory, and we’ve compiled a list of the biggest and best UK business directories to get you started. These directories are both free and paid, and some of the free directory lists will have an option to upgrade to a paid listing. 

A paid listing might mean that your business is approved more quickly for inclusion on a directory list, or it might just mean that the website you’re submitting to has a higher authority than other directories on search engines, so they simply want you to pay to be included. 

It’s also important to remember that whilst you may submit your information to be included, the editor of the website still has a choice as to whether or not they include your information. Some may send an email and explain why your listing was not approved. 

Listing approval can take as little as a few days, however, you could also be waiting months for approval on some free SEO directory lists. In these instances they may offer a paid option to get your listing approved quicker. 

Industry-specific directories

To ensure that you target the right audiences for your business you can also bumit your details to industry specific directories. There are plenty of business directory options that target specific business types such as clothing, hotels, restaurants, tradesmen, etc. It’s definitely worth taking the time to do some research and see what directories there are available for your specific industry.  

Local business directories

Just like there are industry-specific directories for you and your business, there are also directories targeted to your city or county. This is a great way of boosting your visibility specifically in the area that you live in. 

By taking the time to submit your business information to these local directories you’ll not only be increasing the online presence of your business, but you’ll also be increasing the authority of your website too. 

Tips for submitting your business information 

To ensure that you get the most out of your NAP citations, NAP simply stands for Name, Address, Phone Number, you will have to keep every part of the business information consistent throughout your submissions. If you give in different contact details to different business directories you will confuse the search engines, and it could result in you not being included in the search. 

When submitting your NAP citations ensure that the information is exactly the same for every listing, this is critical for helping to ensure you rank well within the listing searches. 

Final note

It’s important that you remember to make changes to your business listings as your information changes. So if you move business premises and your address changes, or you get a new phone number, or any other contact details are updated, then you will need to update all of the information in the directories you have submitted information to. 

Keeping this information up to date and consistent throughout all business directories is essential for your local SEO but also in ensuring that customers can get in contact with you when they need to.