Tyre Distributors

Our software is integrated with stock feeds from Stapletons, Bond Tyres, Micheldever, Euro Tyre and several smaller tyre distributors. Stock is updated automatically every hour with new products, stock and price data. More advanced versions can automatically process orders sending shipping data direct to your stock provider.

EDI Wheel Compliant

Our platform is built on Microsoft technology and is fully EDI Wheel compliant. EDIWheel is a B2B data exchange protocol – a “language” – that enables different computer systems to “talk” to each other. It is already used in other European countries and its deployment is supported by the major software houses providing software to UK tyre distributors.

Fitting Stations or Not!

If you want to allow your own customers to check prices and order from your garage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year or expand further to allow unlimited fitting stations then it’s just 1 click away. Turning on or off the fitting station option will change the entire checkout process, allowing customers to enter a postcode and find the nearest fitting station or simply order and select fitting at your garage.

Search Engine Optimisation

The system allows you to create optimised content for all major search phrases. Common search phrases on Google tend to focus on geographic phrases such as ‘Cheap Tyres Leeds’, or are focused around the car or tyre brand. Our software allows you to create optimised content for all major search phrases including Car Makes, Car Models, Tyre Brands and Tread types.

Trade Accounts & Pricing

If you want to sell to other local retailers you can set up pricing tables specific to your trade customers, create pricing tables based on product value ( e.g. Add 15% margin to products between £0 and £50 and 20% to all others, give discounts to trade clients or fix prices on specific tread types or products). Our pricing software allows you to set a wide array of options giving you maximum flexibility.

Search, Filters & Blog

Functionality includes filtering by Brand, Size, Winter or Summer, Mail order or Fitted prices and track what users search for on your website. Easily track what the most common searches are with our search tracking and filter software. We also have a blog tool within the site to allow further optimisation of your site content

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