Database & Bespoke Systems

Our database design solutions can be used to manage websites, or as stand alone database systems to help run your business.

Common Database Software

We have a wealth of experience in database design, development and implementation.  We can work with a wide range of databases including;

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft  Access
  • Microsoft  SQL / SEQUEL
  • My SQL
  • XML Databases

Pixus delivers innovative database solutions on time and to budget that are both robust, scalable and secure. We can help you design the best system for your budget and often come up with creative solutions that help deliver a system beyond your expectations.


Database Design Examples

Below are a few examples of recent database projects. A more in-depth list can be found in our Portfolio;


Employment Solutions

An employment law and health & safety advice platform with Management, Document Management, News, Contract Management, Advice & Issue Tracking, Full Client CRM, Calendar & To Do Functions & Notifications, Usage Statistics and user tracking.


Contract Catering Software

Built for Blue Apple Contract Catering in Reading, this Online management system running all exterior catering units and collating all management and financial advice for the organisation. iPhone and Android app to allow online ordering of food.


Jewellery Ordering

A front end website and back-end and web application for Silver Finger print business Recollections.  Backed orders from the Co-Operative are taken online, processed and linked to the in-office till software using web services.


Kitchen Calculator

Built for  Europe’s largest manufacturer of natural & solid worktops this cost calculator groups items and products, copes with multiple price options and discounts and allows in-house staff to quickly create and adjust quotes for customers.


Trading Platform

European Grain is a trading platform displaying the latest grain and commodity prices throughout the UK. The site allows Farmers and Merchants to source and sell agricultural commodities online. Features of the system include bidding, SMS notifications of bids and quotes, and quote request functions.


Appraisal Platform

E-ppraise is an online appraisal platform and HR system developed in-house over the last 12 months. The system allows companies to sign up, brand, create and monitor online appraisals for their organisation. A full suite of reports and notifications are inherent within the system.