At Pixus, we have delivered top-quality digital marketing services for many industries. That’s why we consider ourselves a dental SEO company with the skills to make your website dominate search engines. 

Does your dental practice need more online exposure? Our dental SEO services aim to get you a top spot in all Google, Bing and Yahoo searches. 

Are you looking to expand your clientele? We will work hard to ensure local patients choose you for their dental needs. 

With our long-term, data-driven strategies, we will monitor your site’s progress and performance, providing you with detailed updates along the way. Dental search engine marketing can boost your practice’s credibility and keep patients returning for treatment.

That’s why you should work with a dental SEO agency determined to drive traffic to your website. We will improve your website user experience, optimising its speed, creating mobile-friendly sites and writing engaging, original content. 

If you’re ready to get found locally and expand your business, work with Pixus to make your dental service grow.

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What can we do as a Dental SEO Agency?

Our dental search engine marketing services are composed of several strategies. We have a dedicated and experienced team of web developers and copywriting specialists waiting to take your business to greater heights. 

Improving your online presence will inspire greater credibility. This is what patients look for in a dental practice, and we can take the steps necessary to improve it:

Comprehensive SEO Tracking

Providing SEO for dentists means working together to create a personalised SEO strategy. We will monitor where your website ranks, analyse your competitors and consider your goals to create a more informed SEO strategy.

Keyword Analysis

The copywriting team at Pixus will use our SEO analysis to create targeted landing pages and engaging content to flood your site with. As dental SEO experts, we will deliver optimised content to build your site’s authority.

Google Authority

If you want to be within the top five search results on Google, you will need an authoritative digital presence. We will work tirelessly to boost your rankings with our optimised content and website auditing.

SEO Strategy Planning

Our approaches to keyword research are thorough. We guarantee no stone will be left unturned when accommodating your short and long-term goals.

Technical Audit

Our skilled web developers will conduct an intense technical audit of your existing website. As dental SEO experts, they know how to fix any number of technical issues.

Site Performance

Providing optimum SEO for dentists requires a website with a fast page loading time. Google appreciates a site that works quickly, and our web developers can provide your potential customers with the best user experience possible.


What makes SEO so significant?

As a dental SEO company, we recognise the importance visibility creates for your online reputation. Our strategies aim to bring you more traffic, customers and credibility. We want to raise your rankings in the search engines and bring your dental company greater success.

What are conversion rates?

Conversion rates record the number of users who visit your website and complete any desired action. For dental services, this might mean booking treatments, referring a friend or enrolling in a dental course. We will measure these statistics to see how our SEO strategy is working.

How much do you charge for Dental SEO Services?

The rate we charge for our dental SEO services varies with each project. Get in touch with us, and we’ll determine the project duration and what work needs to be completed on your site.

What sectors do you work with?

In our 12 years of experience, we have worked with clients from many industries. From health care to restaurants, fashion brands to universities, we welcome all sectors to collaborate with us at Pixus.

A few of our

Success Stories

Rebellious Fashion Shopify Plus 2.0 Sections Anywhere Custom Theme design and build for Rebellious Fashion - using the latest, best practice methods to increase page speed and performance.
Glamify Fashion A new and tailor-made E-commerce website for the new venture of Miss Pap founder, Ashley Ali.
Millionaire Smile An immersive E-commerce website for celebrity dentist Dr Robbie Hughes and his new product range.
Village Kids A bespoke Shopify Children's Fashion website that earns above its targets month on month.
Little Lucca A custom-built Shopify website for a popular Children's Fashion Company.
High on Bikes A website converted from Magento to Shopify for a well known online cycling retailer.
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