Dentist Digital Marketing

We offer a range of effective digital marketing services for dentists, all of which are focused on increasing the profitability of your overall online activity.

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We understand your world and importantly the key buying signals prospective dental customers display online when there’s an interest in your information and products.

To achieve this for our clients in the dental industry we focus on a number of core services to improve your site reach and the enquiries you see through it.

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Dentist Liverpool SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Dentists

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has always been an important part of your business growth online. It aligns you with the correct locations and keywords/phrases your customers are searching in for online when deciding where to have their treatments.

In recent times there have been a lot of changes as to how Google measure this and the tricks or unnatural tactics which used to pay dividend can directly get you in trouble, reducing your rankings with the search engines.

We skilled in the latest tactics to get the results you need, so please get in touch to discuss your objectives!

Localised SEO

There are lots of additional tactics which can be applied when it comes to ensuring your website is visible to local dental customers.

Google My Business is one such local service and something we use to capitalise on your local map listing and use of customer reviews to build trust and credibility in your locality.



Pay Per Click (PPC) for your practice

Pay Per Click marketing is a fantastic tool to boost the numbers of people coming to your website in a short timescale, extremely focused and cost effective way.

As the name suggests the fees only apply when someone clicks through to your site so with the right approach, focusing on your higher end treatments, we can drive people interested in dental implants from your local area for example.

This type of targeting can now be done across all the major search engines and social networks. We’re always keen to discuss budgets and targeting objectives so please contact us for a bespoke plan,

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Automated Email Marketing

Email marketing should be at the core of how you develop ongoing relationships with your new customers and importantly keep your existing client base in the know. Dental customers who feel loved come back to your practice more often and spend more money whilst with you.

We can fully set up this process for you so that customers enquiring about your services are automatically fed into your database/CRM and continually contacted with relevant news and special offers to build trust.



 Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) for Dentists

Do you struggle turning brand awareness into new customers and bookings? Through an effective CRO campaign there are lots of different tactics and tests we’ll run to find out the strongest calls to action and wider design features we can include in your site to turn the most traffic into enquiries.

In recent dental projects we’ve increased this from 20 to 130 monthly so there’s a lot me can suggest to get this happening for you too.

Web Design & Development for Dentists

Effective web design & development is the hub of your wider digital marketing activity. This is because all of your useful tips, videos and other social media activity is all done to send as many potential customers to your website as possible and convert them into bookings!

Therefore your site needs to be well designed and present an extremely professional perception of your clinic. Your customers are much more discerning in modern times, doing much more research, so you need to show you understand what they want to see from your site and clinic.

This design also needs to work across all the possible devices and ways people could be accessing your site, including mobiles & tablets. Our web designers fully guide you through this process to ensure your site is well structured and encourages people to get in touch.


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