Our e-commerce platform has tailored functions that provide maximum flexibility and control for the fashion industry. We have worked with some of the UK's largest online fashion retailers including the likes of Miss Pap. Our e-commerce system has all the standard features you'd expect, but with some great unique features that will take your fashion website to the next level.

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Some Great Features

Pre Orders

Our pre-orders function allows you to sell stock that you don’t currently have. For example, if a popular item has sold out and you know you’ll be getting 100 more in two days, you can sell up to 100 using this function.

Add To Wishlist

When shopping online, it can be helpful to build a wishlist of products so that you can decide which one to buy later. Our wish list function uses a cookie, so the items will stay in the user’s wish list until they purchase the item or clear their cache.

Delivery Times & Stock Notifications

We can add delivery timers to your product pages, to let customers know that the cut off for next day delivery, or free delivery ends at a certain time. You can also add stock notifications, such as ‘hurry – only 3 left!’

Ship To Shop

Our software is integrated with ASDA, DPD Ship to Shop, In Post Lockers and Collect Plus. Allowing users to find the nearest and most convenient pick up location for their products helps boost conversion and customer retention.

One Page Checkout

Repeat customers are a key part of any e-commerce website’s success, and the easier you make the checkout process, the more likely the user is to come back. Our mobile first one-page checkout streamlines the process. Instantly recognizing return customers for an even faster checkout experience.

Filtered Search

Filtered search function allows the user to find exactly what they’re looking for and shows how many items are in stock of that product. With lightning speed and multi option filtering user don’t have to keep returning to filter multiple attributes.

Colour Swatch Filter

Colour swatches help cross sell your products and get more of your products seen by your visitors. Our swatch module also ensures you can fully optimise each colour product for Google search results.

Free Postage Spend Incentives

Looking to increase your average order value? Free postage incentives in your checkout will help users spent a little more to get free postage. Just set your Free postage value a little above your current average order value and you’ll see the increase in revenue straight away.

Lazy Load Feature

The Lazy Load feature saves both desktop and mobile users having to wait for the next page to load. These fractional delays adversely affect user engagement and in Fashion,where brand loyalty is difficult to maintain, ensuring your visitors user experience is maximised will help secure your customers return.

Easy To Use Admin Dashboard
State of the art drag and drop merchandising

Traditional high street shops use visual merchandising to catch shoppers’ eyes and encourage them to buy. With online merchandising, you can ensure you get the products that are in most demand to the right places on your site. This manual and automated merchandising tool can tell you the top selling products by revenue, profit or volume in the last 3, 7 14, 30, 60 or 90 days allowing you to spot trends and ensure these products are promoted through your site.

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Marketing your website is the key to making it a success, particularly in a competitive industry such as fashion. Our marketing functionalities have been developed with this in mind, thanks to our years of experience in web design for fashion.

Abandoned Cart Software

Collecting customer data has never been more difficult in a post-GDPR age. However, it’s still imperative part of abandon cart software. Incentivising users to provide their email address is now even more important. This software allows you to create intelligent ways to deliver pop up incentives and if fully GDPR compliant, the software can then deliver a workflow of emails to compete their purchase.

Shop Instagram

Social and influencer marketing is one of the most important features of a success modern fashion business. You can now link directly from your Instagram feed to your online shop but it’s equally important to let your site visitors to shop your Instagram feed direct from your website. Our software will pull in all your Instagram posts and allow you to quickly tag your products to create a shop able Instagram feed directly on your website.

Horizontal Filtering

We now incorporate horizontal filtering which saves on space and allows for a more defined and unique user experience. Not only does it free up space for larger images, it means users no longer have to scroll up and down to look for a filter and again each time a filters applied. This improvement in user experience is another way to ensure users love shopping on your site .

Banner & Content Scheduling

Looking to run sales campaigns that finish at midnight or over the weekend and don't want your team working late into the night? Our system allows you to create schedules and countdown timers to fully automate your marketing and banners.

Advanced Technology

Rich Snippet Microformatting

Reviews are an important part of your website and our rich snippet microformatting software makes sure that your reviews are easily disabled in Google. It uses a type of code known as schema to display useful information to the user, such as product reviews and ratings.

Advanced SEO Tool

Your website content is key to your search success, be it a product, category, blog, brand, homepage or any other page on your site, it is imperative that this content is written correctly.

Voucher Codes

Our software gives you the ultimate flexibility over your discount codes. You can promote money off, a percentage discount or offer free shipping. You can also set up a bulk discount, for example, buy two, get one free.

Email Marketing

You can export your customers to Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor and many other email marketing software solutions. You can set up automatic emails to promote a product based on a customers purchase history – so if a customer purchased a dress, they can be sent an email promoting shoes.

Google Shopping Feed

Google’s shopping search is officially known as Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs). This works in a similar way to Pay Per Click (PPC) but with the added advantage that your visitor has seen your product before clicking. This advertising method can yield much greater conversions than traditional PPC, and when used alongside PPC can see conversion rates improve further still.

Product Reviews

Our software makes it easy for your customers to leave reviews. They can provide a star rating and feedback by logging into their account.

Up To Date Payment Gateways

We work with all of the major payment gateways to keep your transactions safe and secure

Apple Pay and Google Pay Integration

Apple Pay
When you’re making purchases on the web in Safari, with Touch ID on your iPhone and iPad, or with your Mac, you can use Apple Pay without having to create an account or fill out lengthy forms. Making your checkout fast and simple for customers not only enhances their first checkout but helps retain customers and increase Customer Life Value (CLV).

Google Pay
Like Apple Pay, google offers a secure, seamless payment function for online transactions, enabling your customers to checkout with ease straight from the basket. With the Android operating system running over 87% of the world's smart phones, ensuring your e-commerce site has both Apple and Google payment systems will ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.

Mobile & Tablet First Approach

When building fashion e-commerce websites we take a ‘mobile first approach’, due to a large amount of traffic driven on mobile devices, from social media.

In short, this means that we build the website so that the first task is to check that the device accessing the site is a mobile and if so, it will then load a scaled down version of your website.

This drastically improves page load times and overall search engine rankings, which is important, given the new focus placed by Google on the prominence of the mobile version of your website.

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We Also Integrate With

Looking for a site that integrates with all major 3rd party applications? Our system has integrated with 3rd party software, EPOS systems, Warehouse management Systems and advanced marketing tools.

Apple & Android Apps Available

Coming soon to our platform offering is a fully native Apple and Android App. Some of the largest retailers are seeing over 50% of their online sales coming via their apps, and with the ability to push over 1 million messages a month for free, it's one of the cheapest ways to keep your brand in front of your customers.