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Custom Squarespace Website

ARCH Motorcycle

The Client

Founded by Keanu Reeves & Gard Hollinger, ARCH Motorcycle is constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to performance cruisers. Handcrafted with innovative design in mind, the motorcycle range from ARCH provides users with a bespoke vehicle that is tailored to their body.

Primarily, the ARCH team approached us in order to create a UK website for their brand. In the end, we provided ARCH with a custom-built Squarespace website that showcases their unique and premium cruisers for both UK and US website visitors.

How we found

The Solution

High Quality Images

We created a fully interactive gallery and user-friendly interface.

Video Integration

By integrating Vimeo Pro, we ensured seamless video playback throughout the site.

Speaks For Itself

We built a high speed website that lets the content do all the talking.

Step by step

Our process

In order to showcase the premium and unique selling points of ARCH Motorcycles, we needed to create a multi-functional website with an interactive interface.
Highlighting the premium manufacturing quality through high-resolution imagery and videography, we wanted our custom build to be straightforward yet visionary.
During development, we worked with the ARCH team in order to portray the exclusivity of their products. Through animations and transitions, content is now displayed in a layout that draws the eye.
Testing & Go Live
The site went through excessive testing before launch in order to ensure its stability and usability for customers.
Thinking about

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