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Bespoke Ecommerce Website For Wholesale Crayon Client.

Keeko Kids

The Client

Founded in 1998, Keeko Kids have established themselves as one of the worlds leading suppliers of kids colouring boards and crayons. Predominantly starting in the travel sector, it wasn’t long before the likes of McDonald’s, Asda and M&S, wanted Keeko to provide them with entertainment packs for kids.

The team at Keeko Kids approached us with a vision. They wanted a new website that not only showcased their products, but a website that showcased their products in a way that incorporated their fun and friendly branding.

How we found

The Solution

On Brand

We made sure to follow the Keeko Kids brand guidelines with colours and their font in order to keep the website light and cheerful.

From Brochure To E-commerce

Originally designed as a brochure site, we enabled the Keeko Kids website to reach its full E-commerce potential.

Digital Solutions

Working alongside their own designer, we collaboratively created an individual and stand out website with a host of features.

Step by step

Our process

As a collaborative effort, we set out to create a visually creative website that didn't lack on design and features.
Featuring animations, creative headers, brand fonts and challenging code, the new design for Keeko Kids entered its development phase.
Here, we integrated key plugins and modules that enhance the user experience and overall usability of the website itself.
Once the team at Keeko Kids were happy with their new website, it was tested and pushed live.
Thinking about

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