Pay Per Click Management

We can get your website in front of your target audience, on the first page of Google, immediately.

With Google Adwords we can drive customers to your website through Pay Per Click which means that you only pay when people come to your website. This is completely different to advertising media such as magazines and flyers where you cannot measure how many people actually see your advertisement.

We often use Google’s Adwords platform to provide instant results that work in conjunction with an SEO campaign to improve your websites natural position in Google, as well as finding the phrases which return the best return on investment quickly.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is crucial for determining your target audience and allows us to find the best related terms to make the most out of your budget. This will be one of the first things we discuss with you to make sure your campaign gets the best start possible.

If you already have a PPC account set up, we can analyse it and determine how it can be improved.

Account Setup

Each account needs a different set of tools which can include scheduling, location settings and improving relevancy of your adverts and website. Your account will be set up by your PPC account manager in the most suitable way for your company.

Adverts for specific keywords are also beneficial and conversion tracking is used to ensure your campaign is working efficiently.




Your Adwords account will be monitored by our team on a monthly basis and we’ll analyse your keywords, making sure they’re working and are still relevant, and monitor keywords that are converting into sales.

Sometimes we also find that there are opportunities for new keywords which we can take advantage of to ensure your budget is spent in the right area.