Pixus is a leading technical SEO agency based in the UK, and we have achieved brilliant results for our clients that have used our technical SEO services.

Technical SEO is an extremely advanced and effective way to boost the online success of your B2B or B2C company. Bring in organic traffic, boost conversion rates and ultimately increase your profit by working with a technical SEO agency to implement a data-driven method of improving your online presence. 

Pixus can carefully tailor an SEO strategy, based on data and your company’s goals, which will produce guaranteed results. Ensuring that your website is 100% technically optimised and functioning has a huge effect on your search engine rankings. 

Why Technical SEO?

Over the years we have seen SEO benefit a broad range of businesses and we have consistently achieved amazing results since 2007.

For example, we have worked with Used Kitchen Exchange, which is a niche business that focuses on selling ex-display kitchens. We helped the client achieve 553 first page keywords over 18 months, increased users by 148% in the first 12 months and oversaw an organic user increase of 143%

We have also worked with large, global companies like Actuation Valve, which is a leading international business that sells valves to industries such as oil and gas, pharmaceutical, defence and water. We helped the company achieve an overall user increase of 150% in 12 months, increased mobile sessions by 522% and an enquiry increase of 188%

With our experience, knowledge and professionalism, we can help any business achieve its goals, whether you are a local, niche business or an international market-leading brand. We know what it takes to create a data-driven, bespoke method that produces consistent results.

SEO Analysis

With an in depth analysis of your website, your competitors, and discussing your objectives, - we will create an SEO strategy for your Shopify Website.

Strategy Planning

Our team of technical SEO experts will be creating an SEO strategy that will achieve the best possible results. We will work on a long term and data-driven approach to boost your position on search engines over time. We aim to focus on both short and long term goals.


We will optimise your keywords and targeted landing pages as well as focusing on good content.

Technical Audit

We will conduct a technical SEO audit, and as we also develop websites, we can fix any technical problems that arise.


We will work to increase your websites authority in Google's eyes, which along with all of the other steps will increase your websites positions.


Google likes fast websites, and sometimes it can rank them higher than slow websites. We have the development skills to fix any speed issues.


What technical issues do you review?

SSL Mobile and desktop functionality Page loading speed Content issues (duplicate, originality and thin) Canonical tags Date markup URL XML sitemaps Website architecture Broken links

How much do you charge for technical SEO services?

Every project and every client is unique. We offer a bespoke solution to our clients, so there is no general price. Get in touch with us today for a chat and we can give you a personalised quote.

Why choose Pixus for your technical SEO?

Pixus have been working on SEO campaigns since 2007, and some of our team members have over 15 years of experience in the field. Our experience has enabled us to produce outstanding results for clients. With an amazing track record of success of our bespoke solutions, you can rely on us to hit your goals. Also, our team is dedicated to improving their knowledge. With allocated training hours, attendance of SEO events and continuous research - we know our stuff! Read more about our clients if you want to find out more about the technical SEO results we have delivered to clients.

What is an SEO audit?

A technical SEO audit is a process of reviewing elements on a website, to find out if there are any dysfunctional and poor-performing aspects, which might be negatively affecting the site’s performance. Factors like domain name, content, keywords, links and technical issues are reviewed and reported during this process.

What type of businesses do you work with?

We work with both B2B and B2C companies in all industries. Whether you are local or national or a start-up or an established company in the UK, we will work with you. There is no project too big or small.

Fully Experienced with Technical SEO
A few of our

Technical SEO Success Stories

Millionaire Smile An immersive E-commerce website for celebrity dentist Dr Robbie Hughes and his new product range.
Glamify Fashion A new and tailor-made E-commerce website for the new venture of Miss Pap founder, Ashley Ali.
Village Kids A bespoke Shopify Children's Fashion website that earns above its targets month on month.
Little Lucca A custom-built Shopify website for a popular Children's Fashion Company.
High on Bikes A website converted from Magento to Shopify for a well known online cycling retailer.
Cari’s Closet A fully integrated E-commerce website and a marketing strategy that boasts a high ROAS.
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