Website Design For Mobile

How does your website hold up on a mobile phone? How about on a 7" or 10" tablet? Why not try opening your website on a mobile phone and see how it works.

Put your site in your customer’s hands

With mobile visitor behaviour between 2012 and 2013 showing another huge increase, it won’t be long before more users visit your website on a mobile device than a desktop.

A large majority of people spend a lot of time browsing websites on their mobile phone or tablet which means the size of screen has more than halved.

To keep up with your customers browsing habits and ensure they can navigate your website with ease, your website should be designed with these smaller screen sizes in mind from the start and this is where Pixus comes in. We are a mobile web development company with skilled experts in all web design platforms; mobile website design services is our bread and butter.

Benefits of a mobile first website include;

  • Quick access to mobile specific features such as call & mapping functions.
  • Simple interface and larger navigation functions.
  • Performance & faster download speed – mobile websites need to be quick; users won’t stay long on a slow website.