How Social Media can shape your company for the better

March 24, 2017

When it comes to trends for companies, it looks like Social Media is here to stay. The use of social platforms by large companies is becoming a huge trend in terms of customer focus and interaction. Especially with Twitter, customers can easily Tweet a member of the team and receive a response within minutes. Take a look at companies such as ASOS. Their ASOS_HeretoHelp handle is a space for customers to message the team directly with information regarding certain orders, or how they feel about the company. Both of these kinds of tweets for great, as they can be resolved directly between customers and company.

The team members who work on the ASOS_HeretoHelp Twitter aim to respond within 5 minutes, and will usually resolve the issue immediately, whether it’s regarding delivery or about the way in which items have arrived. Twitter is also a place to #humblebrag about great customer service by retweeting glowing reviews of the website by loyal customers. This is ideal if someone is wanting to shop on the site, and is looking for reviews online in order for them to go ahead with their purchase. If you put yourself in the shoes of the customer, would you trust a site with no/little social media, or would you trust an account with a dedicated customer handle and glowing reviews? I know what I would choose.

Now, applying this idea to your company can be difficult, especially when it comes down to the service you are selling. If you are selling a product, this technique could be perfect for you. Set up a Twitter specifically for your customer services and stay on top of your replies. Once you gain enough following, you could even become verified and receive positive feedback which you can share on your main page, as well as your customer service page.

If you are selling a service, this technique may be tricky, and sticking to your main Twitter may be a better idea. Customers will still tweet your account with feedback, which can be retweeted for prospective customers to see. If your service can be photographed and reviewed, this is also perfect for social media interaction, as you can show off the level of service you provide to your customers on a regular basis.

If you are wanting to create the same atmosphere with your Facebook account, you may run into some trouble. Facebook can be a cruel mistress when it comes to customers and visibility. If your profile is not optimised to the best it can be, it may not show up to prospective customers. However, if you head to settings, you can change your layout, add services that you offer, add the address of your company, and much more. You can also add your opening times and how to contact your business directly.

With Facebook, you can also sponsor posts in order to reach more of your desired target market. This is usually available to you as soon as you create a post on your Facebook. Once you sponsor a post, you will be able to see how many people it has reached, and how people have interacted since the post was sponsored. Prices for sponsorship vary, however you will be able to see a list of sponsorships once you go through the process on Facebook.

Creating a Facebook for your company is also a great way to keep in touch with customers and reply to messages regarding issues with service or other aspects, such as complaints. The sooner you reply to these messages, a quicker “response time” will appear on your page. This will show customers how great your customer service team are at responding to queries and complaints. With Facebook, customers can also directly review you and leave a message about the company. These appear to the right of your page for anyone to see, and cannot be deleted. This feature is perfect if you are great at providing your service to customers, and handling orders like a pro.

The use of having such platforms for your company makes you more relatable to prospective customers, as well as current ones. Having a website isn’t enough in the current climate, and social media is a way of responding and interacting directly and regularly with customers. The informal nature of Facebook Messenger and Twitter allows for a more relatable company overall, which is perfect for reaching out to new clients, as well as keeping in touch with current ones.

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