What is Semantic Mark-Up & Why Should You Care?

April 11, 2017

What is Semantic Mark-Up

What Is It?

What is Semantic Mark-up and why on earth would you – a casual pursuer of our fine blog – care for it? Two great questions – well done for asking them!

Semantic Mark-Up is a way of leaving a note on the HTML code on your website so that Google knows exactly what the text on your page is about.

Typically on a site which doesn’t use semantic mark-up, Google will look at the content on the page and work out what your content is from the context it is placed in. Google normally does a good job of this, however, it takes a bit of time to ensure that the content it serves to the user is exactly what they’re looking for.

The advantage of having Semantic Mark-Up on your site is that it makes it extra quick for Google to work out exactly what is it looking at, this means that Google can better focus its attention on specific parts of your content which it can then identify as being more desirable and specific to a potential users search.

For example, if you have a table on your site which has your business name, address, phone number and opening hours all marked up with semantic data when Google crawls that table it won’t need to spend time interpreting the data because you have already told it in its own language exactly what it is looking and if it is relevant to the user’s specific search.

Why Should You Care if Your Site Has Semantic Mark-Up or Not?

It’s all pretty technical I’ll give you that, so I understand if you don’t really give a monkeys or understand what I’m on about…but here’s why you should care, having your data semantically marked up will help you rank better and will also increase your chances of appearing in Google’s rich snippets, as demonstrated below by our own fine blog:
a snippet of richness

Appearing in the rich snippets is great because it massively increases your click through rate and helps increase your businesses overall online exposure.

Don’t Worry – We Can Help

Now don’t worry we’re not going to get you to go and manually go away and try and implement semantic mark-up all over your website, simply speak to us instead and we’d be happy to help!

Sorry, it’s a bit of a technical one but I hope you learnt something vaguely interesting which could benefit your business.

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