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A fully integrated E-commerce website and a marketing strategy that boasts a high ROAS.

Cari’s Closet

The Client

Originally a dress rental store, Cari’s Closet has dominated luxury clothing since its launch in 2015. Today, Caris Closet is a global fashion brand specialising in premium clothing.


The Challenge

At the beginning of 2019, Cari’s Closet had migrated to Shopify. During migration, many SEO aspects of the original website were not transferred over. This resulted in a massive decrease in organic traffic and revenue.

We were challenged with diagnosing what had caused the drop and repair the damage. This involved finding archived content and copying it onto the new website.

Using a custom marketing strategy, we are currently improving their revenue through paid channels such as Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook and Instagram. We are also utilising organic advanced behaviour analysis and regression analysis in order to advance SEO.



Step by step

Our process

Our research discovered the errors made during the initial migration, enabling us to formulate a targeted SEO & Development strategy.
The new site needed to be correct and entice customers of Caris Closet, whilst correctly targeting the correct keywords.
We added promotional incentives such as a region-specific order by countdown timer and a "complete the look" section on the product pages.
We tested the new site to ensure that everything was migrated correctly from the .net website before presenting it to the client and pushing it live.
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