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An immersive E-commerce website for celebrity dentist Dr Robbie Hughes and his new product range.

Millionaire Smile

The Client

Dr Robbie Hughes is a dentist who has trained with some of the most qualified professionals around the world.  Specialising in cosmetic dentistry, it’s no surprise that Robbie is becoming a celebrity himself.

Robbie and his team approached us with a new vision. Alongside his dentistry centre, Robbie was launching a teeth whitening range of products aimed at revolutionising your smile. He wanted us to showcase the products and produce a visually pleasing website to entice customers.

How we found

The Solution

Visually Pleasing Design

We set out to create a design that was visually pleasing as well a practical.

Shopify Integration

We integrated the new website with Shopify plugins in order to offer multiple selling options.

Social Media Focus

We added a social media feature to the website in order to highlight celebrity endorsement and reviews.

Step by step

Our process

After initial meetings with the client, the team at Pixus had their client brief and set out to create the ideal E-Commerce website for the client.
Our design needed to include buying options such as subscriptions, and so we designed a website with this in mind, alongside a luxurious colour palette and branding.
During development, we presented Robbie and his team with a prototype of the new website. We added the video banner as a result, completing the ideal vision that Robbie had for the website.
Once Robbie and his team were completely happy with the final design, it was put through the testing stage and pushed live.
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