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From Magento to Shopify for a well known online cycling retailer.

High on Bikes

The Client

Originally a passion project, High on Bikes has progressed over the span of ten years in order to dominate as an online cycling retailer. Not only do the team at High on Bikes sell cycling accessories, but they also recycle older bikes and hold an annual race at their warehouse.

The team approached us with a request to convert their Magento website into a Shopify one. This was because the original site was costing a lot to run and needed regular patches as well as plugin updates.

How we found

The Solution

Website Conversion

First, we needed to convert the site from Magento to Shopify.


We made sure the site had the best possible security for user safety.

Design Replication

Our team duplicated the original design of the website.

Step by step

Our process

A lot of our research for this project went into replicating the original design while integrating it onto a new and more secure platform.
Not only did the conversion mean better system security, it also allowed for easy integration with Shopify plugins.
During development, we ensured that all aspects of the site were working as before
As with all of our projects, the site was put through rigorous testing before being signed off by the client.
Thinking about

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