Social Media

With 70% of the UK population using social media regularly, there has never been a better way to increase sales and maximize brand exposure.

Social Media is becoming a way of life for many people, with 70% of the UK population actively using social media, there has never been a better way to increase sale and maximize brand exposure.

One of our specialist Social Media Executives will help you get the most out of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Facebook is the number 1 social media tool and has more hits in the UK each day than Google whilst Twitter is the fastest growing social network in the UK.

We are aware that most businesses are using social media incorrectly or not using it at all, putting them at a major disadvantage to their competitors. We can create and drive productive social media campaigns. Here is what we can do to help you social media profile.


If you are already using Social Media, we will analyse the work you have done, and identify ways in which it can be improved. We will report on this and pave the way forward.


By using your existing company branding, we will create professional branded company pages for your social media platfor­ms including Twitter and Facebook.


We will increase your followers and continually review your social media presence and activity whilst identifying any new ideas and trends.

Monthly Reports

On a monthly basis we will give a report to show how your social presence is improving.

Social Media Management